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21 Feb 2022

Meeting with Advisory Board

Project AVATAR Holds Advisory Board Meeting to Shape Future Innovations

16 Oct 2023

First Flight Test

Evektor's successful debut test flight marks a milestone in air vehicle monitoring. Despite initial delays, this achievement signifies progress for our project.

28 Aug 2023

Bi-annual Meeing in London

In a significant development for Project AVATAR, our bi-annual meeting convened on August 30th,  at Imperial College London.

30 Aug 2023


ICAS 2024 Invitation

Join the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) conference and submit your research papers. Don't miss this opportunity to make an impact.

26 May 2023


Kick-off Meeting

Successful kick-off meeting in Kunovice, Czech Republic. Discussed project objectives, roles, and set communication channels. Excited to start this journey!

21 Feb 2022

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