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34th ICAS Congress in Florence, Italy is open

May, 26, 2023 | PROJECT NEWS

We are pleased to announce that the Call for Papers is now open for the 34th ICAS Congress, set to take place in Florence, Italy. This prestigious event invites experts and professionals from the aerospace industry to submit their papers and contribute to the advancement of aviation knowledge. The AVATAR project, which aims to revolutionize the aviation industry through advanced technologies and innovative approaches, is closely connected to the ICAS Congress. Participants are encouraged to submit papers related to the AVATAR project, allowing them to showcase their groundbreaking work and collaborate with industry experts and researchers. By submitting papers to ICAS, participants have the opportunity to gain valuable exposure for the AVATAR project on an international platform. The congress serves as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, providing networking opportunities and potential collaborations with professionals from around the world.

To learn more about abstract and paper submission, visit the dedicated Paper Handling page [2]. The complete Call for Papers document can be accessed through this link [3], which provides detailed guidelines and topics of interest. For additional information about the congress logistics, please visit the official congress event site [4]. If you have any inquiries regarding abstract or paper handling, kindly reach out to the ICAS secretariat at

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of aviation knowledge and be part of the AVATAR project's journey at the 34th ICAS Congress in Florence.

About ICAS: The International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) is a global organization dedicated to advancing aeronautical knowledge and facilitating collaboration among industry professionals, researchers, and academicians.






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