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The advisory board of the AVATAR project is composed of a group of leading experts in the fields of aviation safety, aerospace engineering, digital twin technology, and related areas. The members of the board have extensive experience and expertise in designing and developing digital twin systems for complex engineering applications, as well as in the fields of sensor technology and data analytics

Welcome to our Advisory Board

Filip Plešinger

Institute of Scientific Instruments, Czech  Academy of Sciences

Filip leads the scientific group “AI and Medical Technologies” focusing on AI techniques in signal processing, and real-time software development. He is also the originator of free SignalPlant software  for processing signals.

Photo O d'Almeida.jpg

Oscar D'almeida

Safran Corporate Research Center

Oscar d'Almeida, R&T Program Manager at Safran Tech, specializes in optical components and leads research programs in wireless sensor nodes and structural health monitoring.


Tobias Rosnitschek

Engineering Design and CAD, University of Bayreuth

Position: Senior Researcher

Research fields: additive manufacturing, optimization, finite-element-analysis, metamodeling, data-driven method


Alexandre Voisin

Université de Lorraine, CNRS, CRAN

Dr. Alexandre Voisin is an Associate Professor at the Nancy Research Center for Automatic Control, leading a research group in predictive maintenance and participating in national and international projects. (


Ivan Zelinka

VSB-TUO Ostrava, IPSA Paris

Ivan Zelinka is a professor at the Technical University of Ostrava, specializing in AI, algorithms, and cybersecurity. He has authored numerous journal articles and books, and is an active member of professional organizations and editorial boards. For all information:


Martin Halliwell

Chief Technology Officer SES (retired)

Martin Halliwell had a successful career at SES ASTRA, holding positions such as SVP and Chief Technology Officer. After retiring in 2019, he continues to contribute to space-related activities, serving on investment committees and advisory boards for companies in the field.


Alphons Evers

NTT Germany Holdings GmbH

Senior GTM Director: Datacenter, Cloud and Observability solutions; background in aviation (MSc in Aerospace Technology at the Technical University of Delft) and worked for Airbus Space -NL before.


David Reischl

Amazon Web Services

Public Sector Lead Luxembourg, Strong drive to be involved in cutting-edge projects and dedicated to coordinating the various efforts from AWS.

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Ole Sanggaard Knudsen

Managing Director Würth Elektronik Danmark A/S

Ole, an experienced engineer in the electronics industry, has decades of experience as a hardware developer and project manager. He later transitioned to sales roles. Additionally, Ole is an experienced pilot with a full airline pilot education and thousands of flying hours in a wide range of airplanes.


Milan Dvořák

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Czech Technical University in Prague

Milan is the head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering. His specialization is operational experimental analysis of aircraft construction and transport infrastructure. His professional topics include Structural Health Monitoring using fiber optic sensors, research and development of specific sensor solutions, composite structures, and adhesive joints.


Amir Rezai

Principal Technologist

BAE Systems,  Air Sector

He leads the Advanced Materials team focused on R&D of emerging technologies for future aerospace applications. Particular areas of interest include development of multi-functional composite structures incorporating smart materials & sensing to improve performance and reliability.


Kary Främling

Professor in Data Science at Umeå University

He leads the Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) team. He's the author of over 150 peer-reviewed papers and a pioneer in XAI, Internet of Things, Digital Twin and Intelligent Products.

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