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Online Meeting with Advisory Board

Oct, 16, 2023 | PROJECT NEWS

Project AVATAR, dedicated to advancing aerospace technology through its innovative digital twin platform, held a pivotal Advisory Board Meeting on October 16th. The meeting brought together esteemed experts from diverse sectors, including academia, industry, and technology. The primary agenda was to demonstrate the project's objectives, expected impacts, project plan, and share the initial progress made by partner organizations. The Advisory Board Meeting commenced with a comprehensive presentation on Project AVATAR's goals and the transformative potential of its digital twin platform. Attendees gained valuable insights into the innovative approach towards continuous air vehicle monitoring, predictive maintenance, and the optimization of air vehicle design and performance. Partners from renowned universities and companies offered a glimpse of their progress within the project, showcasing the collaborative spirit that drives Project AVATAR. The exchange of knowledge and experiences further enriched the discussions.

Throughout the meeting, a spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking prevailed, ensuring that Project AVATAR remains on course to achieve its objectives and provide groundbreaking advancements in the field of aerospace technology.

The advisory board members shared their valuable expertise, contributing to the project's continued success. Project AVATAR looks forward to the board's continued support and partnership as it enters a new phase of development. Together, they are committed to shaping the future of aerospace technology and advancing air mobility for a more sustainable and connected world.

For more updates and insights into Project AVATAR's journey, stay connected with us.

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