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AVATAR's First Test Flight: Evektor Success

Aug, 28, 2023 | PROJECT NEWS


Evektor, a key partner in the AVATAR project, recently conducted its first test flight. This initial flight, carried out under calm weather conditions last week, marked an important step in evaluating basic flight characteristics. A second flight is planned, which will specifically focus on assessing the UAV's performance in turbulent weather conditions.


During the inaugural test flight, data was collected to monitor the maximum temperature below the engine cowling. Specialized accelerometers recorded these temperatures, all of which remained within safe limits, with readings below 120°C. It's important to note that the instrumented flight faced several delays, attributed to various issues related to the engine and recording unit. However, these challenges were eventually resolved, leading to the successful first flight on August 24. The AVATAR project, dedicated to advancing digital twin technology for continuous air vehicle monitoring, is making steady progress with this milestone. Further developments will follow as the project advances.

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