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Ferri Aliabadi

Ferri Aliabadi is Professor of Aerostructures and holds the endowed Zaharrof Chair in Aviation. He joined the Imperial College in 2005 where he became the head of Department of Aeronautics (2009-2017).

Ferri Aliabadi has worked in the field of Solids and Structures and has established an international reputation for his achievements in development of Computational Methods related to Fracture & Damage Mechanics. He has pioneered a new generation of boundary element method for structural integrity analysis. Research in computational mechanics (BEM, FEM and MeshFree) include: Fracture Mechanics, Nonlinear Mechanics, Contact and Wear Mechanic, Optimisation and Reliability Analysis and Multiscale Material Modelling. During the last decade, he has pursued research and development into Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for composite airframe. He has coordinated and participated in many large European research projects (SEAT,SAMAH,MAXIMUS, SCOPE,ADMIRE,SARISTU,SHERLOC) and over 25 large national projects.

Ferri has published close to five hundred scientific papers in leading international journals and over sixty books related to experimental and computational methods in solids and structures. He has been the Editor in Chief of 6 international journals, and currently is the Editor in Chief of International Journal of Multiscale Modelling and book series of Experimental & Computational Methods in Solids and Structures. He is a recipient of several awards, including the George Green Medal sponsored by Elsevier.

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