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About our Involved Institutions

Our partner include top-ranked universities, renowned research institutions, and leading companies in various industries. On this page, you will find more information about our partner and the contributions they make to our organization. We invite you to learn more about each parterner and the valuable role they play in our project.


Evektor Group is focused on automotive and aerospace industry activities in the development, design and engineering of subassemblies and assemblies, prototype manufacturing, testing, certification and the start of serial production. Aircraft activities also include modifications, repairs, engine installations, and interiors including changes and activities which are necessary for type and supplementary certifications. In practice, we usually frequently transfer design principles from aircraft design to non-aircraft structures of road and transport vehicles and to general engineering.

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), launched in 2009 by the University of Luxembourg, conducts internationally competitive research in artificial intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML). In addition to long-term, high-risk research, SnT engages in demand driven collaborative projects with industry. Collaborations with European partners are of major importance for SnT development. SnT's strategic research areas are: Autonomous Vehicles, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Internet of Things, Secure and Compliant Data Management and Space Systems. In AVATAR, SnT is committed to developing innovative trustworthy AI/ML systems for making – in near real-life – prognosis estimations for the safe-life of the aircraft structure.


ICL is the technical lead for AVATAR. The structural integrity and health monitoring (SI&HM) research group, led by Professor Zahra Sharif Khodaei and Professor Ferri Aliabadi, has core expertise in methodology developments for diagnosis, prognosis, fatigue life, and residual strength analysis of full engineering structures. ICL has a track record of leading many large international projects. ICL will leverage the group’s previous work on combining the developments of multi-functional sensors together with advancement of electronics and miniaturization, novel sensor technologies, advanced methodologies for diagnosis and digital clone for prognosis, to contribute to the development of AVATAR’s digital twin platform.

Loughborough University (LBORO) has extensive experience and expertise in developing vibration energy harvesting and low-power wireless sensing methods and implementing self-powered wireless sensing solutions. Various conversion mechanisms and nonlinear dynamics have been explored, implemented and validated in our previous research for energy harvesting and sensing on both component and system levels. LBORO will exploit our expertise in nonlinear dynamics, smart transducers and low-power electronics to develop an innovative multi-functional self-powered IoT sensing skin to monitor real-time and long-term operational conditions of air vehicles to provide critical information for the to-be-developed digital twin.

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The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is a leading research and development organization in Denmark that offers technical and technological services to both private and public sectors. Founded in 1906, DTI has a long history of providing high-quality research, testing, and consultancy services to its clients in areas such as energy, environment, manufacturing, and construction. In the Centre for Nano Production and Micro Analysis (N&M), we commercially serve more than 200 companies annually within characterization, micro machining, and developments. In addition, N&M is actively involved in various national and European projects aimed at developing and producing nanomaterials for nano-catalyst and printed electronics applications, digital production technologies, and energy systems. With a dedicated printed electronics section, Printed electronics group has cutting-edge screen-printing equipment and a range of mounting and testing facilities. Using these state-of-the-art facilities, DTI will develop and manufacture smart sensing skin solutions, test them, and develop reliable mounting systems for attaching them to the wings of aircraft and drones. 

As part of NTT DATA, a USD 30 billion IT services provider, NTT Ltd. is a leading IT infrastructure and services company serving 65% of the Fortune Global 500 and more than 75% of the Fortune Global 100. We lay the foundation for organizations’ edge-to-cloud networking ecosystem, simplify the complexity of their workloads across multi-cloud environments, and innovate at the edge of their IT environments where networks, cloud and applications converge. We offer tailored infrastructure and ensure consistent best practices in design and operations across all of our secure, scalable and customizable data centers. On the journey towards a software-defined future, we support organizations with our platform-delivered infrastructure services. We enable a connected future.


Nordic Wing ApS is a Danish drone manufacturer specializing in fixed-wing drones for mapping, surveying, defense, search and rescue, and other specialized sectors. Located in Værløse, Denmark, Nordic Wing operates from the former military air force base. Their flagship product, the Astero drone, is a 4 kg fixed-wing aircraft with an impressive flight time of up to 3.5 hours. Built with advanced features and a modular design, the Astero ensures stable flight performance and accommodates various payloads and sensors. Nordic Wing's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has established its reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality drones for diverse industries, making a significant impact worldwide.

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