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Anna Krzyzanowska

Anna Krzyzanowska is an electrical engineer, working as a Specialist in Printed Electronics group at Danish Technological Institute. She has acquired several years of experience in various aspects of electrical engineering and printed electronics. Trying to create a bridge between standard and printed technology.  From programming programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to designing PCBs, working with printed technology,  her technical prowess allows her to navigate the complex challenges with ease. One of her focus areas is structural monitoring using printed sensors for drones and airplanes. Being a specialist in this field enables me to contribute to cutting-edge advancements in the aerospace industry.

Her role in the avatar project is to design, produce and test a multi-sensing skin for structural monitoring for drones and airplanes.

Using her excellent expertise in the field of sensors and nanotechnology, allows her to prepare the best possible solution.

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